Goa State Co-operative Bank
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The Goa State Co-operative Bank Ltd

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Head Office, Panaji - Goa.
[ Financial Postion at a glance as on 31-03-2012 ]
*Amount in Lacs
Sr. No. Particulars Amount *
1 Authorised Share Capital 3500.00
2 Paid up Share Capital 2062.26
3 Total Reserves 9187.09
4 Investments including MAC 555562.02
5 Total Deposits 116027.32
6 Borrowings 0.00
7 Loans and Advances 62439.43
8 Cash in hand and with other banks (Including FDR) 10925.30
9 Working Capital 132634.57
10 Profit for the year 2011-12 +99.27


Product Portfolio
Deposit Schemes
Savings, Current, Fixed, Recurring, Pension, Marriage schemes.
NRI Services
Remmitances, NRO, NRE, Trade, Finance.
Personal Finance
Agriculture loans, Non-Agriculture loans, Housing, Car, Urban loans.
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